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Derek Davis is finally here and you don’t want to miss out on meeting him! #DirtyGentleman #VitaminD


They call me the #DirtyGentleman.

My reputation precedes me.

I’m forward on the ice and in the bedroom

With a filthy mouth and impressive moves.

I always get the job done.

I have my future all planned out:

Get laid often.


Land the job of my dreams.

Sounds easy. Right?

It was until Delaney Dixon burst into my life.

Eyes as warm as melted chocolate.

A sexy smile.

And a pair of Double-Ds that sends men to…

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Jersey Girl Teaser Release

Jersey Girl – Coming May 2016

Brantley Cage is to college hockey what Michael Jordan was to professional basketball. Team player, star of the show, and everyone counts on him to score.

Except with her. He’s been warned that she’s off-limits…

Cassie Rivers is a talented music major seeking something, or someone, to inspire her.

And she’s found it with him. But he’s supposed to be off-limits…

Soon these two find the best shoulder to lean on often belongs to the one who’s always there. They one you’ve come to rely on. The one you spend your nights dreaming about. And before they know…

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Twisted Fate Character Interview

Hey everyone it’s Melissa from Alpha Book Club again.  And I’m here to interview the one and only Twisted Fate!!  Hopefully I can make it through this interview without totally fangirling.

So hello there gentlemen!!  So gentlemen for those who don’t know you why don’t you introduce yourselves and the what your role is in the band

So, I’m Jesse Montgomery and I’m the lead singer (he gives a quick wink to me I think I may faint, wow)…..

Tyler Montgomery, I play lead guitar and sing back-up

David Garrison, I play bass and also…

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Interview with Tucker & Gracie from Alaska or Bust

AOB Sticker

Hello Everyone!! I’m Melissa with Alpha Book Club and I’m here today to interview the amazing Gracie and Tucker from Alaska Or Bust!! I’m so excited to dig deep into their brains and really get the answers we’ve all be wanting to know. So hang on and let’s go!


What’s your favorite thing about Gracie??

No brainer – It’s gotta be her killer smile. Have you seen it?

I have and it is breathtaking!! I can see why you fell in love…

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Signed Paperback Sale

Right now I am offering signed paperbacks at a discounted price! Each book is available for $12 (includes S&H)!! Limited quantities available and U.S. only!

Maybe you’d like to meet tattooed rocker Sebastian Miles. He’s a sexy romantic that would do anything for the woman he loves.

Across the Miles and Miles Apart

Or perhaps you’d rather meet hot as hell rocker Jesse Montgomery. He’s cocky, and promises that after one night with him you’ll forget your own name. Trouble is, you can’t forget him…

My Only Regret

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