Sticks & Hearts Series

They call me the #DirtyGentleman.

My reputation precedes me.

I’m forward on the ice and in the bedroom

With a filthy mouth and impressive moves.

I always get the job done.

I have my future all planned out:

Get laid often.


Land the job of my dreams.

Sounds easy. Right?

It was until Delaney Dixon burst into my life.

Eyes as warm as melted chocolate.

A sexy smile.

And a pair of Double-Ds that sends men to their knees in gratitude.

She’s broken, hiding from a secret past, and refuses to let me in.

But just like my game, I never quit.

She gave me one night.

But I want forever.




She’s my best friend’s sister. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her.

She’s always there.

Driving me crazy with her big, blue eyes and those sexy dimples I want to kiss.

But I’ve been warned… She’s off-limits.

I’m only supposed to be her friend. Rescue her when she needs saving.

She calls me her Superman. I call her Dimples.

The more time we spend together, the more I’m starting to realize maybe it’s me who needs rescuing.

I’m not supposed to want her. But I do…

And the craziest part is… I just found out she wants me too.