Twisted Fate Series

The rules were simple…

#1 Never Break Eye Contact

#2 Be a Willing Partner

#3 One Night Only. No Strings.

He made the rules, but he’s willing to break them all for one more night with her…


What readers are saying…

My Only Regret

Trust issues plague her. Her father was a cheater that nor only stole his love from his other and her but left behind a shell of a woman that has forever left a scar on Rhyann Michaels that will make loving and trusting difficult for her.
Jesse Montgomery, rock star and incredibly hot has issue of his own A betrayal that has left his mark making him the man that lives by 3 rules, the most important being rule #3 One Night, No strings…Can you handle that?

I loved reading this book of hearts breaking and fighting for soul mates that only stand in their own way. It was incredibly passionate and loving and yeah I wanted to kick both of their butts on more than one occasion!(breath)

Rhyann, is loving and falls deeply in love with Jesse but her own insecurities cripple her. Yeah she has some reason to be wary of Jesse and his past (butt kicking commences) But for the most part she tends to use her insecurity as a shield pushing him away.
Jesse needs to learn to let go of his past or he will end up losing the one person that truly holds his heart and future(again butt kicking) but, his willing to hold on to a friendship that was poison to him might be the breaking point where he will end up with out his heart and soul.
Okay are you intrigued yet? OH yeah this book has it all, dirty talk, sexy tatted up rocker with a motorcycle. Yeah I know your blood is pumping now, and oh did I forget to mention he serenades her? He writes songs for her? Swoon!!!
More than anything this book is filled with love and a couple that need to get out of their own head space to see what is right in front of them. I love every frustrating minute of their relationship! ~The Book Fairy Reviews


When two people are trying to build a meaningful relationship, hope and trust are two emotions that need to be deeply felt by both to survive.
Will Rhyann be able to let go of her past, or will the pain, sorrow and regret she’s always felt rule her life forever? Is Jesse even worthy of her love? After all, he’s a rock star with a womanizing reputation.
This is the third book I’ve read by author Rhonda James. When I received the request to read and review her latest book, I jumped at the opportunity. Rhonda has the ability to draw the reader into her stories so completely that you actually feel like you are part of the story. That’s the best compliment a reviewer can bestow on a writer, and Ms. James is deserving of that statement. ~Stephanie Lasley, The Kindle Book Review


Twisted Fate

“My mouth has been all over her body, and I’ve made sure to leave wicked reminders of my presence. I want her to wake up tomorrow and remember that I’ve been there. Everywhere.”

5 twisted, scorching Jesse Montgomery is mine stars!!! Never in my life have I ever been more connected to a book character than I am now!! Jesse definitely has me twisted!!!

In this second installment of the series, we’re given Jesse’s POV and let me tell you, it’s hot!! He’s c@cky and vulnerable and all around sex as h@ll!! Yes, he was a complete jerk in the first book, but in this book he proves, he’s not the bad guy he’s made out to be! I looooooved seeing his vulnerable side and how sick in love he is with Rhyann!! I think every woman needs a man to love her the way he loves Rhyann!! Yes this is basically the same book, but trust me when I say that this is by far so different!! Yes you still scream at your book and you want to strangle Jesse, but there’s reasons behind everything he does and in the end everything is wrapped up into a pretty bow! A bow waiting for me to unwrap (hahahaha).

I was hooked on Jesse after reading My Only Regret and I’m even more hooked now. There’s something so sexy about Jesse, his cockiness and vulnerability (ugh the scene where he won’t put sheets on his bed because they smell like Rhyann…kills me) are so sexy. And if you haven’t already figured it out, I have licked him, so he’s claimed as mine!!! And I won’t share!!! I love Rhonda’s book, she has a way of sucking you in with her writing, her characters almost seem real, and you want to be their friends. So my hat is off to you once again Rhonda James, another freaking fantastic book under your belt!!! ~Melissa Mendoza, Alpha Book Club Reviewer


I love a good rockstar romance and Rhonda definitely delivers. On all fronts. It’s a hot, sexy and honest journey into our bad boy rocker’s mind.
In the first book we meet Jesse and yes, he does some questionable things, he makes a few stupid choices, basically being a guy. This is his story, we get to know him a little better and see that he’s not all bad… Well, only when he’s being a panty melting rocker and that’s just why we love him! ~Dani, Alpha Book Club Reviewer