Jersey Girl Teaser Release

Jersey Girl – Coming May 2016

Brantley Cage is to college hockey what Michael Jordan was to professional basketball. Team player, star of the show, and everyone counts on him to score.

Except with her. He’s been warned that she’s off-limits…

Cassie Rivers is a talented music major seeking something, or someone, to inspire her.

And she’s found it with him. But he’s supposed to be off-limits…

Soon these two find the best shoulder to lean on often belongs to the one who’s always there. They one you’ve come to rely on. The one you spend your nights dreaming about. And before they know it they find themselves in the last place they expected to end up. In the arms of each other.

You’ve heard what they say about forbidden fruit…

One taste proves to be far sweeter, and more addictive, than one of them is ready to admit. Will he keep running from love? Or has Brantley Cage finally found his Jersey Girl?