Twisted Fate Character Interview

Hey everyone it’s Melissa from Alpha Book Club again.  And I’m here to interview the one and only Twisted Fate!!  Hopefully I can make it through this interview without totally fangirling.

So hello there gentlemen!!  So gentlemen for those who don’t know you why don’t you introduce yourselves and the what your role is in the band

So, I’m Jesse Montgomery and I’m the lead singer (he gives a quick wink to me I think I may faint, wow)…..

Tyler Montgomery, I play lead guitar and sing back-up

David Garrison, I play bass and also…

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Interview with Tucker & Gracie from Alaska or Bust

AOB Sticker

Hello Everyone!! I’m Melissa with Alpha Book Club and I’m here today to interview the amazing Gracie and Tucker from Alaska Or Bust!! I’m so excited to dig deep into their brains and really get the answers we’ve all be wanting to know. So hang on and let’s go!


What’s your favorite thing about Gracie??

No brainer – It’s gotta be her killer smile. Have you seen it?

I have and it is breathtaking!! I can see why you fell in love…

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